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Ian Blythe's Homepage
As now we have several emulators running on our PCs, is it time to retire our hardware? Of course the answer is emphatically NO! However it is becoming essential to archive the contents of our floppy disks into an electronic format for archiving.
The DSK format (see the FAQ page for more information on the DSK format) is becoming the most popular format as it is usable with all the emulators. There are plans by several members to build tools for the DSK format - including writing a DSK back to a real diskette!
Here are the current tools available. If you write any tools, please contribute them to the rest of the group by sending them to me for these pages.
  • netpc34.zip (50K) by BÄCKSTRÖM, Ron Anderson and Joël Setton.  NEW!
    Program to make a PC with .dsk files (images of flex disks) look like another drive to the FLEX system.
  • ana2dsk.zip (22K) by Dell Setzer.
    Info and code for making DSKs with Anadisk
  • dsktools3.zip (6K) by Joël Setton.
    Updated DSK tools for FLEX in DSK form
  • flexidea.zip (3K) by Tito Smailagich.
    Information and code for ROM and RAM disk with PIA
  • deiem090.zip (107K) by William (Bill) Gee Jr.
    Beta version of FLEX Disk tools and 6800/09 Emulators
  • flexy2k.zip (25K) by Frank Wilson
    Y2K, lower case and $00, $100 Flex year byte + DSKs
  • goffhier.zip (665K) by Ray Goff
    Hier FLEX directory program, DSK & simulator tools, Win9x
  • flopyman.zip (135K) by Michael Evenson
    FloppyMaint 1.05, DSK management utility, Win9x
  • y2k.zip (16K) by Bill Gee
    FLEX date tools for Y2K + Assembler updates
  • y2k1.zip (5K) by Joël Setton
    FLEX Y2K-compliant replacements for DATE and DIR
  • dsktools.zip (6K) by Joël Setton
    Compress (create) and expand (write back to disk) and Explore DSK files in FLEX!
  • msdos.zip (99K) by Ulrich Boetzel/Joël Setton
    The famous tools to allowing FLEX to read/write PC MS-DOS disks
  • FLEXplorer.zip (564K) by Wolfgang Schwotzer
    A W9x tool for viewing the contents of a DSK file (GPL)

Copyright © 1998-2001 Ian P. Blythe on behalf of the FLEX User Group
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